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Bob's Brain: Brainchild of Babylon

A few years ago (OK, several) I was in a band called Bob's Brain. Here is our album Brainchild of Babylon. I am lead vocalist on all tracks and play harmonica on George's Oil Company. I wrote the songs Celery Salad, Voice, George's Oil Company and Abandoned.

Tracks 1-6:

Tracks 7-12:

Click on the links below to play/download the files with your computer's default media player. Files are in mp3 format.

Tracks 1-6

1. Monkeys Violate
the Heaven Palace
2. Love Does
3. Velvet Carpet
4. Celery Salad
5. Sugar in the Rain
6. Drive Away
Tracks 7-12

7. Voice
8. Turn It Up
9. George's
Oil Company
10. Abandoned
11. Wrong Number
12. Black-Haired Mary

© 2010 - Todd Kiefer


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