Some suggestions for teachers . . .

The name game

If you have any students named Doug or Dan, and you (or your school's webmaster) have basic Web design skills and a place on your school's Web server to re-host this WebQuest, it is suggested that you change the names to spare them embarrassment. You can do this by opening the "Webquest.html" file in an html editor or in Notepad or Wordpad and changing the names with the search & replace tool. You'll also need to change the printable question file, "Questions.html," if necessary. (Feel free to copy all of the pages and images to your school's server.)

Some suggested boys' names that begin with the letter "D":

Dale, Dane, Daniel, Darian, Darrell, Darren, Dave, Dean, Dennis, Devon, Dexter, Dominic, Don, Drew, Duncan, Dustin, Dwayne, Dylan

Making the grade

While the Web sites were chosen to avoid conflicting information, there still are subtle differences between the ways in which different sites present similar information. For example, one site recommends that hair be washed "regularly," while another lists hair-washing under "daily hair care." In such cases, either answer is acceptable.


Daily Hygiene Schedule

Evaluation Rubric

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