Help Dirty Doug Learn Hygiene Skills

Dirty Doug

      This is Dirty Doug.

      Doug is an average boy. He likes to play baseball. He has a pet turtle named Copernicus. And, like most boys, he doesn't mind getting dirty.

Dapper Dan
      One day, Doug overheard some of the girls in his class talking about his friend, Dapper Dan.
      "Dan's fingernails are always so clean!" one said.
      "And his breath is minty!" said another.
      "His hair is always clean and combed," added another.
      "His clothes are clean, too, and he always smells good — not like some boys in this class!"

      Doug looked at his dirty fingernails. He brushed his hair out of his eyes. He looked at the chocolate stain on his shirt. He thought about what the girls had said.
      "Dan likes to get dirty, too," Doug thought. Dan was the first baseman on Doug's baseball team. Doug had even seen Dan roll around in the mud with his pet golden retriever. But the girls were right — at school, Dan was always clean and fresh.

      Doug wondered what Dan's secret was. "It sure would be cool to hear the girls say some nice things about me," he thought. Then he had an idea.

      "I'll bet my best friend, the Internet whiz, can help me!"

Your Task

      Your best friend, Dirty Doug, wants to be more like Dapper Dan. He asks you to look on the Internet for things he can do to keep himself neat and clean.

      To help Doug, you need to find some good hygiene advice for him, then make a daily schedule to help him remember what he needs to do.

How To Do It

      Part A: Using the Web sites below, answer the questions for Doug about his hygiene:

      Web sites:

What is Hygiene?

How You Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Infection Protection: The Buzz on Scuzz

Personal Hygiene

An Introduction to the Hair and Nails

1. What good living habits help make up good personal hygiene?

2. At least how often should Doug take a bath or a shower?

3. At least how many times a day should Doug brush his teeth, and how much time should he spend brushing them?

4. How often should Doug replace his toothbrush, and what kind of bristles should he use?

5. Is it important for Doug to learn to floss?

6. When are some good times for Doug to wash his hands, and how long should he spend washing them?

7. Why should Doug clean and trim his fingernails?

8. How often should Doug change his clothes, and why is it important?

9. What should Doug use to wash his hair, and how often should he wash it?

10. How does following the rules of good personal hygiene help others?

      Part B: Using your answers to the questions and other information you found on the Web sites, make a daily hygiene schedule for Doug.

For a printable version of the questions, click here.

For a printable version of a blank daily hygiene schedule, click here.


      Thanks to you, Dirty Doug is now neat, clean, healthy and happy. In fact, he needs a new nickname. Why don't you give him one?

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